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In Interlinear, the Swedish text is followed by an English translation below each word or phrase.

How the Interlinear translation method works
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Explanation of the Interlinear method in two steps
Explanation of the Interlinear method in two steps
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What is The Treasure: Sir Arne's Money about?

The Treasure: Sir Arne's Money (Skatten: Herr Arnes Penningar, which combines the English title Treasure with the Swedish title) is a story by Selma Lagerlöf about vengeance, forgiving, love and fate. While written in the 20th century, the story depicts Swedish life in the 16th century. It forms part of the well-known classic literature read at Swedish schools.

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Selma Lagerlöf's cannonical novel!

Selma Lagerlöf was a 20th century Swedish writer of symbolistic modern narrative prose. In 1909 she won the Nobel Prize "in appreciation of the lofty idealism, vivid imagination and spiritual perception that characterize her writings," becoming the first woman to win the prize in literature.

How was this Swedish translation made?

Literal but understandable

Interlinear translations attempt to translate words one by one and literally except where a literal translation would impair understanding. If so, understanding is prioritized.

For example, even though the more usual translation of the next phrase would be the dog did not follow him, we have opted for a more literal translation as it is still understandable:

Hunden The dog
följde followed
inte not
efter after
honom. him.

But try reading this translation if it were literal:

Med With
detsamma the same
gick went
dörren the door
till to
stugan the cottage
upp. up.

This is rather hard to understand if translated literally, therefore we prefer a more understandable and less literal translation:

Med detsamma At the same time
gick dörren till stugan upp. the cottage door opened.

In summary, we have made our translations to be literal, even if slightly clumsy. Unless such clumsiness hinders understanding, in which case we have opted for understanding.

Embracing cognates

Our Swedish translation makes use of the fact that Swedish and English are both Germanic languages: we use cognates where we can to help you remember words.

For example, the original text includes the word hjälpprästen. Dictionaries translate this word as curate. However, if you look closely at the word hjälpprästen you can see that it has two common Germanic roots: hjälp (help) + präst (priest). So, we translated this word as the priest's helper, which also fits the dictionary definition of the word curate.

Similarly, we translated the Swedish word folk as folks instead of people, därinne as therein instead of there, etc.

Usable over obsolete

Since Interlinear translations are primarily intended for learners, we have modified the original text to replace obsolete grammatical forms with contemporary ones.

For example, the original included the verb voro, which is an archaic past plural form of vara. We replaced this form with its modern equivalent var.

However, we aimed to never make such changes where that would sacrifice the originality or change the meaning of the text. Moreover, we have also left intact all of these forms which are still encountered in Modern Swedish, albeit less frequently. Thus, for example, the form skall for shall (the more frequently used current word being ska) was left in place.

This Interlinear book includes:

  • 130 standard-book pages
  • over 15 thousand translated words and expressions
  • the original text with modernized spelling and language & aligned Interlinear translations
  • a separately available Swedish-only version of the text to get additional practice after having read the text with the Interlinear translation
  • files in the printable or electronically readable PDF format, as well as MOBI and EPUB format files for Kindles and other e-book readers, tablets, and phones - all immediately available to download

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