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Explanation of the Interlinear method in two steps
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What is Collection of Stories about?

Collection of Stories (Сборник рассказов, originally published in 1916 as Word For Word Russian Story Book) is a book for beginner Russian learners. It is a collection of anecdotes and short stories in increasing difficulty. They come from popular Russian compilations such as Rússkoye Slovo - the Russian Word (by Grigoryev and Olenin) and Rodnói mir - Home World (by Davis). They are illustrative of sound colloquial Russian, and full of idioms in every-day use.

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Nevill Forbes's Interlinear book from 1916 for beginners!

Nevill Forbes, the author of this book, was a Slavonic scholar at Oxford University. His literary work includes translations of Russian classics, publications of grammars and textbooks, and many Russian fables. He maintained a particularly deep interest in the Russian culture and people. He is remembered as one of pioneers of university-level Russian studies.

How was this Russian translation made?

Book restored from a century ago!

While conducting research on the Interlinear translation method to improve our own Interlinear books, we found out about some existing Interlinear translations of fiction: most from over a century ago!

We discovered that nearly all such translations were old and often had become outdated and hard to find.

We obtained a few of them, including a German reading book and this Russian book, compiled by the Oxford Slavonic scholar Nevill Forbes. The anecdotes in the book are short and easy to understand, and they follow in increasing difficulty - thus we realized this book was a great introduction to reading for beginner Russian learners!

We transcribed and updated the book, changing or removing old spellings and obsolete forms, repackaging it as an e-book, and we are publishing it now after more than a century!

Directly translated.

This book still largely follows our translation methodology (e.g. translating the shortest semantic units possible), although it seems that Nevill Forbes preferred literal translation to an even greater extent than we do. For example, у тебя есть is translated as to you there is instead of you have, etc. However, the translation is still largely understandable.

Stress indicated!

The book indicates stress above each word, making it much easier to read and pronounce Russian words correctly.

Accompanied by audio

To make the book even more beginner-friendly, we made an in-house recording of the entire text of the book as an audiobook. The audiobook comes as a collection of mp3 audio files, which can be downloaded and played on your digital device.

Transcribed and updated by Steffen Haugk.

This Interlinear book includes:

  • 34 standard-book pages
  • around two and a half thousand translated words and expressions
  • original text with updated Russian & aligned Interlinear translations
  • a separately available Russian-only version of the text to get additional practice after having read the text with the Interlinear translation
  • files in the printable or electronically readable PDF format, as well as MOBI and EPUB format files for Kindles and other e-book readers, tablets, and phones - all immediately available to download
  • (optionally available) Russian stress marks, teaching you to pronounce the words!
  • a free home-made Russian audiobook recorded specifically for Interlinear Books!

Available to order right now.

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