Would you like to learn Russian by reading a book?

Following our Interlinear translations of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, this time we bring you an Interlinear book for beginners in Russian!

Interlinear makes it easy to read Russian.

Interlinear is a revolutionary method for learners.

Interlinear is a translation method that allows you to learn a language by reading and enjoying books in it. Interlinear achieves all this without dictionaries or similar hassles.

Presenting a beginner Russian Interlinear Book:
"Collection of Stories"

This Interlinear book is very special because we revived it from a century ago. This is a rewritten, reviewed and updated version of a book by Nevill Forbes, Slavonic scholar at Oxford Univeristy!

Collection of Stories - An Interlinear Translation Cover
Collection of Stories - An Interlinear Translation Text

A book out-of-print for a century. We found it, updated it and are bringing it to you for the first time.

Our Translation

The translation includes:

  • around two and a half thousand translated words and expressions
  • word stress indicated on most words to help you read and pronounce
  • printable/electronically readable PDF, EPUB and MOBI files for printing, e-book readers and Kindle

Book Revival

Book Revival

This Interlinear translation closely follows the original translation published by Nevill Forbes in 1916.

How did we revive this book?

Example of an Interlinear Translation in progess.

Short revival story

While working on our own Interlinear translations, we stumbled upon some old exisitng Interlinear translations of fiction: most of them from over a century ago!

We obtained one such translation, a collection of short stories published by Nevill Forbes in 1916 and entitled Word For Word Russian Story Book, and decided that the book deserved revival. Thus one of our key contributors, Steffen Haugk, transcribed the book and helped us update it. We renewed the antiquated spelling, updated the translation of some words, and decided to publish the book online again - after 100 years.

While the book is a revived one, it largely follows the same Interlinear principles: it is made to be as literal as possible while still being understandable. However, there are some differences too. It seems that Nevill Forbes preferred literal translation to an even greater extent than we do: thus some idiomatic expressions are translated very directly in English (e.g. "to me there is" instead of "I have"). We updated some of these but left most of them intact, giving consideration to Forbes' original translation decisions - and still maintaining the book understandable even by beginner readers. As it is now, the book serves as an excellent introduction for those starting out to read in Russian!

The Original Book

Russian book cover - Interlinear Translation of Nevill Forbes

Nevill Forbes's "Collection of Stories" in Interlinear Translation

"Collection of Stories" (originally published in 1916 as "Word For Word Russian Story Book") is a book for beginner Russian students. It is a collection of anecdotes and very short stories in increasing difficulty.

The stories in this book come from popular Russian compilations such as Rússkoye Slovo - the Russian Word (by Apollon Grigoryev and Olenin) and Rodnói mir - Home World (by Davis). They are illustrative of sound colloquial Russian, and full of idioms in every-day use. We have further updated some of these phrases in order to reflect modern Russian.

The author of the original compilation and translation was Nevill Forbes who was a Slavonic scholar at Oxford University. His literary work includes translations of Russian classics, publications of grammars and textbooks, and publication of many Russian fables. Though he was a comparative Slavonic philologist and knew various Slav languages, he maintained a deep interest in Russian culture and people, and contributed some of these insights to a history of the country. He is remembered as one of pioneers of university-level Russian studies.