Rights and Policies

These rights and policies apply to your purchase, use or interaction with any of our products, services or activities. Your purchase and use of our products is conditional upon accepting and agreeing to these Rights and Policies.

1. Copyrights: All rights to the original text of the books have either expired or have been granted to InterlinearBooks.com. All rights to the translations are reserved by InterlinearBooks.com: no part of our translations may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from InterlinearBooks.com. The website and all the graphic materials on the website are also copyright to InterlinearBooks.com.

2. Images and illustrations: All of the images and illustrations on the website are only for illustrative purposes. Please be aware that your purchased copy of our Interlinear translation may not work on your particular device exactly in the same way as displayed on the website.

3. Product contents: Your purchase only includes one copy of the various certain electronic formats of the book, no physical books are shipped to you upon purchase. An exception to this exists when the physical book option is explicitly indicated. Please note that your purchase is limited to that one copy: you are not allowed to share your purchased materials with any third parties without permission from us, as any such sharing infringes upon our copyright. An exception for this exists when gifting: provided you are purchasing the product in order to gift it to someone else, you are allowed to send that product to one other person (in which case you are not allowed to use the copy yourself).

4. Purchase procedure: We normally handle our payments in either United States dollars or Euros. We use both Stripe and PayPal as payment processors - please do take the time to familiarise yourself with Stripe's and PayPal's policies. Upon purchase, you will get access to a page where you can download the products. A link to that page should be sent to you by e-mail. If you have problems receiving the link, please check all of your e-mail folders first, and if that does not help, contact us to fix the problem.

5. Translation accuracy and quality: We aim to make the best quality translations we can. However, we cannot guarantee or take responsibility for complete translation accuracy. Our translations may contain certain inaccuracies and small mistakes. Note that our translations are partly functional, which means that some words are not translated literally. Moreover, since we focus on growth, we release the first edition early and aim to later release further editions with incorporated user feedback and corrections. Therefore, we cannot be liable for any inaccuracies in the translation and any possible harm caused by or in relation to them. You agree to indemnify us against any liability in that regard.

6. Privacy: Upon visit, your private information, other than general information available for website analytics, is not stored on this website. All our purchases are at this time handled by Stripe and PayPal and you should also familiarise yourself with their respective purchase and information-handling policies. All of the purchaser's information available to us through Stripe and PayPal by virtue of the purchase (including the purchaser's name, surname and e-mail address) is stored by us, and contact information may be used for follow-up purposes regarding the purchase. Such stored private information may be removed in 7 working days at the written request of the purchaser.

7. Refund policy: The purchases made on this website have a one-week (7 days from the exact time of the purchase) refund policy. For refunds, please contact info@interlinearbooks.com.

8. Newsletter: Upon your subscription to our newsletter, you agree to receive news, discounts, promotions, surveys and other information from us to your e-mail address. This subscription can anytime be terminated with immediate effect upon your request by clicking the link on the bottom of your e-mail and unsubscribing.

9. Dispute settlement and applicable law: Unless at any time otherwise agreed in writing by all concerned parties, all disputes regarding your purchase, use and interaction with any of our products, services or activities shall be settled amicably out of court, or, failing amicable settlement, under the laws of England, including its conflict of law provisions, applicable at the time of the purchase, or, there being no purchase, at the time when the event that gave rise to the dispute occurred, in the courts of England.

10. Other: For all questions regarding these rights and policies and other related matters, please contact us at info@interlinearbooks.com. Through purchasing, using or interacting with any of our products, services or activities without contacting us for and receiving clarification in regards to these Rights and Policies, you indemnify us against liability for any harm that may occur due to misunderstanding, uncertainty about or any gaps thereof.

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