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In Interlinear, the Polish text is followed by an English translation below each word or phrase.

How the Interlinear translation method works
How the Interlinear translation method works, vertical display

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Explanation of the Interlinear method in two steps
Explanation of the Interlinear method in two steps
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What is Dead End about?

Dead End (Ślepy tor, which very literally would be translated as Blind Road) is a mystery story about an inexplicable happening in a train that is nonetheless ruled by some mysterious background order. The story connects the supernatural to the modern, and so calls into question what we know while causing us to want to find out more.

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Stefan Grabiński's mystery story!

Stefan Grabiński was a Polish writer of mystery and supernatural horror stories. He is often said to be similar in style to Edgar Allan Poe. Grabiński's stories have a surrealistic, investigative character, which arouses both curiosity and fear. His plot developments are often nebulous and frightening, sometimes even seemingly Kafkesque.

How was this Polish translation made?

Literal but understandable

This Polish book translates individually and literally except where this would hinder understanding. See this example:

Ciekaw Interested
też also
jestem. I am.

While the natural English word order would be I am also interested, we have kept the word order of the Polish original in our English translation because this oddity in word order still leaves the English phrase understandable and accurate.

However, we also sometimes translate words together. Take the title of the book:

Ślepy Blind
tor Road

While Blind Road is understandable, it does not convey the meaning of the original phrase - and hence we have chosen to translate the title more idiomatically:

Ślepy tor Dead End
Translated by Daniel Rucki, translator, BA in Linguistics at the University of Cambridge.

This Interlinear book includes:

  • 42 standard-book pages
  • over 5 thousand translated words and expressions
  • the original text with modernized spelling and language & aligned Interlinear translations
  • a separately available Polish-only version of the text to get additional practice after having read the text with the Interlinear translation
  • files in the printable or electronically readable PDF format, as well as MOBI and EPUB format files for Kindles and other e-book readers, tablets, and phones - all immediately available to download

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