Ranking of Swedish literature by difficulty

We have analysed Swedish texts in terms of the difficulty of the vocabulary and grammar, and provide you a ranking (as well as detailed information about each work). We hope this can help you pick the right Swedish title to read! Choose the category of Swedish literature you are interested in to see the ranking:

Why choose? Well, to make our rankings a bit more balanced, we decided to split those into two: short texts / poems and books. We figured, just like in English, there is simply no fair way to compare the complexity of something like Emily Dickinson's 'I reason, earth is short' with F. Scott Fitzgerald's 'The Great Gatsby', and so there shouldn't be such a comparison in Swedish.

About our literary rankings

Once you choose, you will see a ranking of all the works we have analysed in terms of both grammar and vocabulary - and you will also be able to click on any particular title to see its full extensive analysis. You will also be able to click on the ranking table and re-arrange the works based on the criteria you prefer. Go to our tool's main page (or the page of any work) to learn more about the algorithms we use.

About Swedish literature

Swedish literature at its earliest times - an illustration

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