Would you like to learn German by reading a book?

Following our intermediate German Interlinear translation of Kafka, this time we bring you an Interlinear book for beginners in German!

Interlinear makes it easy to read German.

Interlinear is a revolutionary method for learners.

Interlinear is a translation method that allows you to learn a language by reading and enjoying books in it. Interlinear achieves all this without dictionaries or similar hassles.

Presenting a beginner German Interlinear Book:
"German Reading Book"

This Interlinear book is very special because we revived it from a century ago. This is a rewritten, reviewed and updated version of a book by F. Hahn (initial translator) and C.A. Thimm (editor).

German Reading Book - An Interlinear Translation Cover
German Reading Book - An Interlinear Translation Text

A book out-of-print for a century. We found it, updated it and are bringing it to you for the first time.

Our Translation

The translation includes:

  • over 16,000 translated words and expressions
  • printable/electronically readable PDF, EPUB and MOBI files for printing, e-book readers and Kindle

Book Revival

Book Revival

This Interlinear translation closely follows the original translation published by F. Hahn, C.A. Thimm in 1916.

How did we revive this book?

Example of an Interlinear Translation in progess.

Short revival story

While working on our own Interlinear translations, we stumbled upon some old exisitng Interlinear translations of fiction: most of them from over a century ago!

We obtained one such translation - a book with the short title German Reading Book, published in 1901 by C.A. Thimm (and authored by F. Hahn). We had a key contributor to Interlinear, David MacLeod, transcribe the book from Gothic script, and Steffen Haugk helped us update it. We renewed not only the font but also the old spelling, updated the translation of some words, and decided to publish the book online again - after more than 100 years since its publication.

This is a revived book but it in principle follows the same Interlinear principles: it is literal but still understandable. This translation, however, is even more literal than we would normally have it, providing the translation of each individual word rather than merging words together. Due to the syntax of the German language, however, this is possible and indeed done very well in this revived translation!

The Original Book

German book cover - Interlinear Translation of F. Hahn, C.A. Thimm

F. Hahn, C.A. Thimm's "German Reading Book" in Interlinear Translation

"German Reading Book" (originally published in 1901) is a book for beginner German students. It is a collection of sentences (back in the first chapter), anecdotes and later very short stories in increasing difficulty. The shortest stories are just a page long while the longer ones span over ten pages.

The book was originally presented as "a selection of tales by celebrated German authors, progressively arranged either for use in classes or for self-study." Due to its format and length, the book is a very good introduction to reading German - and it is also a very interesting collection of little-known stories to read and enjoy!