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Happy 2017! In 2016, Interlinear Books has moved from simply providing Interlinear translations to providing much more than that – information about literature in foreign languages. We’ve done so through our literature section, which now houses analysis of literature in various foreign languages. We would estimate the difficulty of that literature for language learners and help you choose the best texts to read in order to improve your learning efforts. However, literature has not been the whole story. We have also been working on Interlinear translations. Some of them have now been published for free on our library section. Others haven’t – because we are going to produce new Interlinear books out of them. These books are soon getting released – so stay tuned. We hope that in 2017 we can provide both more literature and more useful information about literature to you.

Did you like this post? This comes from Interlinear Books – we make Interlinear translations for language learners, where each word and expression has a translation right below. Be sure to check out this blog for news and short translations, and our website for our purchasable Interlinear book translations. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter.

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