What people say about Interlinear Books on Twitter?

Interlinear Books has been participating in the conversations as @interlinears on Twitter. Here’s what people have said about us in the last week or so:

Anna likes the idea and wants other languages (she also was kind enough to send us some suggestions about the Russian fairy tale Marya Morevna we translated):

Liz also supports the idea of learning through literature:

Then @rubytester is finally convinced our translations may be interesting, although the would like to see more of an open platform (we have told him it may be possible in the long run, but we need to do a lot more work first before we can even consider that):

This is one of our favourites by @tisofa:

@LanguageCrawler just told about us to all of their followers:

User @israelubeda reacted to this by saying he follows this method of learning languages:

@TalesOfLang thinks this can be very useful too:

That’s quite a lot of people engaging with Interlinear Books in just about one week: thanks all for checking us out, and we hope to get a lot more conversations going on. Check us out as @interlinears.

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