Revived French Hamilton’s Translation from 1829: The Mushroom and the Acorn

Read the revived and edited (from the Hamiltonian system into ours) short Interlinear text ‘Le champignon et le gland’ (‘The mushroom and the acorn’), published by James Hamilton in 1829, republished by us in 2015 – after 186 years. This is our third Interlinear translation adopted from the Hamiltonian system.

As in the previous Italian story we translated, this text may not be the nicest and the most correct (nor do we support the consumption of meats). Yet, this text nonetheless gives you an insight into what people did and thought about many generations ago.

Italian Interlinear translation by James Hamilton - revived

Short Interlinears: Cinderella by Charles Perrault translated from French

Cinderella has become one of the most famous fairy tales of all times. But can you read a famous original version of the story Cendrillon written by Charles Perrault in 1697 in French? This Interlinear translation includes its text in two languages and attempts to allow you do to so, so you can experience the story about the persecuted heroine, from which the ideas of a pumpkin, the fairy godmother and the glass slippers arose and took over. By reading it, you can also find some controversial parts of the story, and learn surprising facts.